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Shopping at IPERCERAMICA means quality, affordability and a wide range of choice. Thus, here the special section dedicated to our big-sized porcelain tiles, where you can find eye-catching products.

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Flooring is a crucial element for your interior decor, not only because of its functional qualities, but also because it conditions people’s perspective on the whole space. That is one of the reasons why one of the preferred materials is the porcelain stoneware. Other reasons are its long-lasting durability, its aesthetic and its versatility, which make it possible to choose from a wide range of styles and textures. Choose the big-sized porcelain tiles, to lend an eye-catching look to big and stylish rooms. In this IPERCERAMICA section, you can find a wide selection of products that will meet all your needs. Discover our style collections and choose the perfect one so that you give the perfect characterization to the room you are designing.

Big-sized porcelain tiles: a quality choice.

The porcelain stoneware is a dependable and versatile material that has so many different uses, which is why so many people are choosing it. The term grèsmeans that the ceramic mass of the tile is made more compact through a vitrification process and thus it is way more resistant. It is a hard clay ceramic whose main advantage is that it can be coloured without any porosity.

Another important and positive aspect of porcelain floorings is that they have a a low water assimilation rating, thanks to the vitrification process that makes the tile waterproof. This happens after many steps in which the mixture of lean, slightly refractory clay is fired at a temperature of 1200° to 1400° C. Furthermore, these types of tiles are especially sturdy, and it is difficult to damage them even when chemicals are spilled onto them.

The material is versatile and it suits any kind of space. In fact, the sizes and the patterns are designed to suit different spaces. For example, the big size tiles are perfect for big size spaces.

Marble-effect porcelain tiles (big sizes and much more)

At IPERCERAMICA you will find products that meet your every need thanks to the varied colours and effects that give you the opportunity to have a special and unique flooring. For example, if you want a majestic and continuous-looking flooring we suggest using the big-sized porcelain tiles with either the marble or the stone effect. These tiles faithfully emulate the look and texture of different types of rocks. If you are interested in smaller tiles, please visit tour dedicated section by clicking here: gres porcellanato effetto marmo).

If you prefer a warm and welcoming look, nothing is better than wood-effect porcelain tiles, which are big sized in this section. These types of tiles lend both the elegance and the warmth typical of the wood flooring and of the fake wood flooring.

Big-sized porcelain sheets: discover our discounts

We, at IPERCERAMICA, do not only offer you a wide range of floorings, but we also present you with a series of discounts that make it possible to buy large-sized tiles at an extremely convenient price.