Brick and Split Stone Wall Tiles

Welcome to the section dedicated to our selection of brick wall tiles: a wide offer of three-dimensional coverings : brick wall tiles perfect for embellishing shower walls, natural stones for the outdoors or to beautify the living room walls, brick wall tiles to give your house a rustic or industrial look.
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Choosing the covering for your house is never easy, being it a decisive element for the liveability of a space. There are some key factors that need to be taken into careful consideration, such as the performative qualities of the selected material and the aesthetic that is being sought. If you are looking for a refined design, we recommend our stonewall-effect coverings: they are the perfect combination of a natural-looking product that is modern too. In this section you can find an excellent selection of brick-effect coverings: there is such a wide range of possibilities for you to choose from that you can find the product that better suits your needs. Check out our catalogue!

Brick-effect covering: the extravagance of the classic style

If you are looking for a unique style that is also down-to-earth and straightforward, an interesting choice is the brick covering, which is perfect for creates a brick wall look that allows the combination of different colours and styles. The main trait of this product is its aesthetical versatility, that never fails to give the room a sturdy feeling. This characteristic is also enhanced by the wide range of possible materials, such as porcelain stoneware, double-fired porcelain and stone.

Moreover, it is possible to select the best type of covering based on its usage. There are different types of bricks for the indoors and the outdoors and different types of brick for the different rooms, be it the kitchen, the living room or the bathroom. This width of possibilities allows you to choose the best material for the best place, based on the performative qualities of the material, for example its resistance to temperature fluctuations or to humidity.

Stonewall-effect coverings: many styles.

The versatility of these coverings concerns the different styles too: the different colours and possible effects make it possible for you to space between extremely different design ideas that suit different spaces. For example, they can be used in the living room or instead of bathroom wall tiles. What comes to mind is the country style, when brick coverings are matched with wood or wood-effect floorings, however they can be used to produce many more effects. Bricks coverings are perfect for industrial , style spaces, especially so when matched with marble-effect porcelain tiles or for shabby chic

Furthermore, it is possible to choose from many different colours and graphics. For example, it is possible to choose a monochrome solution or a patterned one, where the different shades and motifs allow you to play with different styles.