Porcelain Tiles Thickness 20mm

IPERCERAMICA presents XOUT, a wide and complete range of 20mm porcelain tiles for outdoors. The 2cm thickness of the tiles guarantees sturdy, long-lasting and high-quality floorings. Furthermore, the thickness allows to choose from different types of laying for your garden: from the traditional one with glue, to the one on sand or on gravel or the one ongrass. The flooring can also be floating, thanks to fixed or adjustable supporting tools. These 20mm-thick tiles are extremely versatile and modern, thus they are suitable for both residential and business-related outdoors, like walkways and driveways.

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How does a house become a home? Well, first and foremost, a home is made by the people who live in it; thus it needs to meet one’s personal aesthetical preferences and one’s needs in terms of its functionality. That is why it is necessary to take into deep consideration what kind of material better suits our needs, especially when said material concerns the outdoor floorings. The garden, terrace or balcony floorings need peculiar qualities that make them weatherproof, the material must be sturdy enough not to be damaged at the slightest change of temperature or weather. That is why in this IPERCERAMICA section you can find 20mm thick porcelain tiles , which are specifically designed for that purpose. Among the different colours proposed you will surely find the ones that better suit your decor.

20mm porcelain tiles for sturdy floorings

Compared to the indoors, the external spaces face different sets of problems , that are determined by both the space positioning and its usages. The chosen material needs to have certain qualities concerning the weather but also qualities concerning its use: for example, if the material is chosen for a terrace with a living function for summer nights, then said material should meet certain aesthetic criterias. Whereas, if the space designed for the flooring is vehicle accessible, it needs to be able to sustain weights.
The 20mm thick porcelain tiles are the perfect solution since they meet both needs. They indeed combined the elegant look of classic outdoor tiles , and a high resistance.  The 20mm thick porcelain tiles allow any kind of laying: glue-down, floating, over grass, gravel or sand. This product is as dynamic as you can imagine!

Perfect for your house decor: many kinds of 20mm thick porcelain tiles.

The 20mm thick porcelain tiles by IPERCERAMICA are designed to offer safetyand to be weatherproof. Furthermore, the wide range of choices, between the colours, styles and shapes, makes it easier for you to find the best product to match with you house design.
If you want to enhance the warm tonalities of your garden, we suggest purchasing yellow sand tiles; if you want to create a modern look, nothing is better than black or grey quartzite tiles. Nothing is better than sanpietrino tiles for a walkaway/driveway with a cobbled look. Here, you can find a wide range of wood-effect tiles that suit indoors wooden floorings.

Whatever your idea might be, here on our website you will find numerous possible choices concerning the style of the material, such as marble-effect or wood-effect porcelain tiles.

20mm porcelain tiles (discounted prices)

We at IPERCERAMICA offer a wide range of different products with the hope to meet your every need. You will also find amazing offers and discounts. Check out our website and find out our many amazing products at unbeatable prices. On our website it is possible to purchase other types of flooring in the same material, such as the big-sized tiles.