Are you looking for wall tiles for outdoors or indoors spaces? Here, at IPERCERAMICA you can find a wide range of wall tiles , to meet your every need in terms of price and design. Click on the following boxes to discover our catalogues, prices and offers.

Choosing the right coverings for your home is important and difficult, because they need to match with the overall atmosphere and design, while being highly functional. The tiles are indeed an essential element because they hugely contribute to the general design and they also need to have certain qualities for specific uses. In this IPERCERAMICA section you can find our selection of  wall tiles of any type and material. The products on the page are divided in different section based on their positioning, thus you will find sections dedicated to kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles or living room tiles.

The quality and the resistance of the materials

Wall coverings are  important elements of your design project (if not the most important elements). The reason is intuitive: coverings are the first element to catch the eye and that is the reason why it is usually the first chosen element, so that it can be used as a base for the rest of the furnishing.
When we talk about coverings, we refer to  wall tiles  which have both a stylistic and protective function.
The coverings are made with different types of material so that they can meet every kind of need. Among the most purchased ones there are the mono- and  double-firedceramic tiles. Furthermore, there are the porcelain tiles, which are particularly sturdy and the stone coverings, which can be natural or reconstructed.
Whichever material you choose, we at IPERCERAMICA guarantee the high quality of the products, which are made to be used for different purposes.

Bathroom and kitchen wall tiles: many shapes and styles

Our wide selection of wall tiles presents many different shapes, sizes and  colours.
If you are looking for  kitchen walls , here you will find fabulous porcelain tiles of different styles. For example, if the style of the room is elegant, we suggest stone-effect tiles that are dim coloured, whereas for grim kitchens try to opt for cement-effect tiles. For decorations that will make heads turn, check out our  majolica tiles.
Same thing for the  bathroom tiles: in our catalogue it is possible to find both solid-coloured and decorated coverings.

The tiles of this section are also suitable for outdoor application, thanks to their qualities that make them weatherproof and highly resistant.

If you are looking for unique products for your house, we recommend visiting the section dedicated to our  vetrocemento (glass cement).

These coverings easily match with floorings of any kind, from the wood-effect porcelain tiles to the  fake parquet and PVC laminates.