Outdoor Floors

Has the time to choose outdoor floorings arrived? Porcelain tiles, thanks to their characteristics (anti-slip and frost-resistant), are the smartest choice! Here, at IPERCERAMICA we have many products to offer, from the porcelain floorings for outdoors , that are perfect for terraces, balconies and external walls to the porcelain tiles with a 20mm thickness, which are even stronger and long-lasting tiles. These can be laid even on grass, sand or gravel. You will find the outdoor flooring perfect for your every need!

"How do we make a home out of a house? Well, firstly the general look of both the interior and exterior areas of the house must be of our personal taste. Secondly, the decor must meet our needs in terms of its practicality. The eye-catching element of the house is surely the flooring: here, on the IPERCERAMICA website, you will find different types of outdoor floorings, specially designed to satisfy any need, be it aesthetic or functional. Check out our selection of floorings for dehors, balconies and gardens. The choice is varied, and the quality is always high! FLOORINGS FOR GARDEN, DEHORS AND SO MUCH MORE The outdoors floorings present specific characteristics because they need to satisfy the peculiar needs given by their positioning. One of the first question to ask yourself is: where do I use these tiles? Are they for a terrace or for a garden? Is the area going to be exclusively a walkaway or is it also going to be a driveway too? That is why you need to take into deep consideration which type of material you need. For example, for balconies and terraces we suggest choosing a sturdy outdoor flooring that matches the interior design and floorings. Another matter is the garden, an area for which you need to consider both the house aesthetic and the proximity to plants and grass. The chosen material must be mould-resistant too. Here, you can find the perfect floorings for your driveway, that should be sturdy enough to bear considerable weights and parked cars. The outdoor floorings should also be weatherproof and resistant to temperature swings. OUTDOOR FLOORINGS: PORCELAIN STONEWARE AND MUCH MORE Whatever your stylistic need might be, you can find a wide selection of products here in this IPERCERAMICA SECTION. Starting from the different colours, you can lend your garden the look and atmosphere you prefer. For example, for a formal-looking garden you can opt for the dark tonalities of the stone-effect tiles. Whereas, if you prefer a look that is more natural, we suggest opting for a wood-effect flooring. For what concerns the wood-effect flooring, there is a wide range of choices regarding the tonalities, graphics and types of wood. Are you looking for floorings for you terrace? A great idea might be a structure finish, which suits both elegant and rustic designs. Furthermore, the porcelain tiles offer many types of floorings for gardens that differ in colours and in the effects produced. Here you can find different types of brick tiles for you to create an eye-catching outdoor flooring for you garden. If you are fascinated by the visual effect of wooden floorings, here on our website you can find a wide range of wood-effect floorings. DRIVEWAY FLOORING: CHOOSE OUR 20MM THICK PORCELAIN TILES The positioning of the flooring is an important element to consider when choosing the flooring. There are indeed some areas where the flooring undergoes higher levels of stress. For this reason, we at IPERCERAMICA decided to create a specific selection dedicated to the 20mm thick XOUT tiles. These floorings are extremely sturdy and long-lasting, moreover, they are particularly versatile for what concerns the laying process: on glue, sand, grovel or grass, where you can create a beautiful path, better known as Japanese paths). These tiles are the ideal product for driveways floorings. OUTDOOR FLOORING, AFFORDABLE PRICES AND SPECIAL OFFERS IPERCERAMICA’s collections are designed to satisfy your every need. There are many special offer and discounts: here you can find the outdoor flooring you have always dreamt of at an affordable price. Check out our catalogue and find the perfect flooring!"