Are you looking for floorings? Here, at IPERCERAMICA you can find a wide range of floorings, from the porcelain ones to the wooden, laminate or PVC floorings. Products for any need in terms of price and use. Click on the following boxes to discover our catalogues, prices and offers.

It is important to choose the right flooring for each area of a house and such selection can be an overwhelming process since there are many different reasons for you to choose a certain colour, material and effect. There are many criteria involved and the more possibilities the easier it is to find the perfect product for your needs. That is why on the IPERCERAMICA website we offer a wide selection of indoor floorings. The different materials, motifs, colours and the overall high quality of the product will surely satisfy all your needs.

Indoor floorings: many options and a guaranteed quality

Are you about to change your  indoor floorings? At  IPERCERAMICA you will find the best offer. When you create or renovate your house, the choice of the right floorings is incredibly important.

You need to take into deep consideration many variables: first of all, the design style you have in mind, secondly, the characteristics of the structure and thirdly, your lifestyle, which conditions the practicality of the chosen material. Whatever is the best for you and your house, at IPERCERAMICA you will find high quality products that are extremely resistant. You will also find furnishings of different kinds, such as doors.

The variety of styling solutions enables for you to find the perfect match for all your walls, from the living room wall coverings to the bathroom tiles.

Resistance and styles: check out our indoor porcelain floorings.

Are you looking for a sturdy and long-lasting flooring? Well, our porcelain tilesmight be your solution! Porcelain tiles are extremely versatile, they present wood, stone and many more effects. Thanks to the firing at high temperatures (1250 C°), porcelain tiles produce the most resistant floorings on the market today. The porcelain floorings are ideal for both indoors and outdoors, such as dehors and balconies. Here you can find our complete catalogue of  outdoors floorings.

Furthermore, our 3mm thick porcelain tiles can be laid on pre-existing floorings.

Indoor floorings: the wood floorings, between comfort and elegance

The wooden flooring keeps on being the most loved type of flooring, thanks to its comfort and timeless elegance. Warm in winter and fresh in summer, thanks to its thermal conductivity, and naturally soundproofing. Moreover, there are many different types of  indoor floorings that are suitable for a underfloor heating system.

Laminates: high functionality and convenience for a stylish flooring

Are you looking for a wood-effect  indoor flooring that is cheaper than real wood floorings? Laminates are the perfect product for you! It is a resistant and pleasant-to-the-eye material at an affordable price.  Laminates are unfairly called ""fake cheap parquet"", when in reality they are an efficient solution that combines practicality and beauty at an affordable price.

PVC floorings: a smart choice

Are you looking for  floorings  that combine efficiency, comfort and beauty? Here they are,  the PVC floorings!. They are low-cost, resistant and a 100% recyclable. Also known as LVT flooring (LuxuryVynilTile), PVC floorings are easy to clean and beautiful.

Whatever your needs and desires might be, check out our websites to find the perfect flooring!