Structured Brick Effect Porcelain Wall Tile 6x25 - Brixton

  • Structured Brick Effect Porcelain Wall Tile 6x25 - Brixton
Price: 22,39 €/Sqm instead of: 27,99 €/Sqm 20,01% off offer valid until 28-02-2023

Brick-effect porcelain tiles for wall covering- Size: 6x25- the graphic is digitally printed, and it perfectly replicates the look and colours of a rough earthenware wall. The surface is highly varied and tactile, which makes this a highly decorative and realistic product.

The Brixton collection presents 4 different colours. Brixton Bianco: a tidy and homogeneous warm white. Brixton Beige: a bright colour enriched by light sandy, beige and dove grey hues. Brixton Cinder: different tonalities of light grey are mixed to create a warm and pleasing look. Brixton Cotto: it reproduces the look of a rough wall thanks to the juxtaposition of the following colours: brick red, dark brown and pinkish cotto.

This product is suitable for wall applications both for indoor and outdoor spaces. It also suits both residential and business-related spaces and it can be matched with different materials, such as cement-, stone-, wood- effect porcelain stoneware or natural wooden floor.

The Brixton brick is a versatile product that can be used in many creative ways. For example, it can be used outside to cover a section of a building or a border wall or it can be used indoor to beautify a wall, a chimney or any kind of decorative section.
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