Double-fired Wall Tile - Easy

  • Double-fired Wall Tile - Easy
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Double-fired covering, 25x40. The surface is slightly bumpy and super shiny with bright colours. A rounded collection that consists of five different solid colour tiles. White: a tidy white; Blue: a classic cobalt blue; Mint: a fresh mint green; Navy: a dusty blue; Lilac: an ornamental lilac.

Four types of decorative patterns complete the Collection. Timeless: cobalt blue patchwork patterns on a white background, that match White and Blue tiles. Deco Navy: a green and yellow nuanced leaves pattern that matches the White and Mint colours. Deco Navy: the blue and light blue geometrical elements create a modern pattern that matches the Navy and White colours. Deco Mint: green nuanced geometrical elements create a modern pattern that matches the Mint and White tiles.

The perfect tile for creating colourful surfaces, which can be embellished by decorated walls and areas, such as the kitchen wall, showers, recesses, wall stripes or sections. We advise to integrate these tiles with the concrete or wood-effect porcelain floorings to create a rich but well-balanced look.
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